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Who are Cazoo Wholesale?

Cazoo Wholesale is the newly formed wholesale division of Cazoo which was created following the acquisition of SMH Fleet Solutions and CD Auction Group in September 2021.

At Cazoo Wholesale, we are committed to providing the same levels of transparent customer care through trusted auction services which CD Auction as known for offering, ensuring value for money and excellent returns for both our buyers and sellers.

What other services do you offer?

Cazoo Wholesale handles more than just the sales process. With a range of highly efficient and cost-effective additional services available to both vendors and buyers, we ensure that buying and selling through Cazoo Wholesale remains a 'hassle-free', transparent process from start to finish.

Our additional services include transport, storage, valeting, vehicle refurbishment and off-site sales generating real savings on transport costs.

How do I contact you?

Our friendly and experienced staff are here to help you. TO talk to our team, please call 01536 40 99 99 between 8:00am - 5:30pm, Monday – Friday. Alternatively, click here to contact us 24/7.

Can anybody bid on the website?

Our sales are open to all approved and authorised account holders. We also offer a more simple ‘Approved’ account for those users who wish to just view sales and pricing information.

Please contact us or call our Buyer Services team on 01536 40 99 99 to get your account authorised and start placing bids. Please note: A pre-authorised deposit may be required. 

Do I have to register to look around the website?

As part of commitment to trust and transparency and, unlike other vehicle auction suppliers, our sales are open to everyone to view. If you wish to place bids on any of the vehicles listed for sale, you will need to become an authorised buyer. Please click here to contact us or Register here.

How do I register?

Registration is quick and simple. Click here to visit our registration page, or for existing users, click here to Sign in. To become authorised to bid on vehicles, we will need sufficient information to identify you and/or your business. After registration there may be a short delay while we validate your application before you can start bidding.

Before you place any bids, you should familiarise yourself with our processes and how our auctions work. You should also make yourself fully aware of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How do I become authorised to bid?

Depending on your business type, you may be authorised to bid immediately. Alternatively, our Buyer Services team will contact you requesting additional information in support of your application.

What is the “My Details” page?

On your “My Details” page, you will be able to view your current registered contact details.. You will also be able to set what marketing you receive from us, as well as making searching for stock easier by setting your general vehicle profile. Additionally, you will be able to see details of our Buyer’s Premium and other useful information.

What is a Buyer's Premium?

A Buyer’s Premium is a fixed fee dependent upon the final selling price of the vehicle (minimum fee applicable) which is added to the total amount payable. Your premium will be detailed to you once approved as a buyer.

How can I change my account details?

In order to change or update your details, you will need to Contact us.

Can I view vehicles prior to placing a bid?

No. All of our auctions are purely digital and the vehicles offered in our sales could be located at a number of sites across the UK. As such, we strive to ensure that you are fully versed with all vehicle specifications, market data and condition including detailed reports and a full suite of images.

How do I bid/buy?

  • Online – via our internet bidding service. The easiest and simplest way to bid. We are a 100% digital auction service, there are no 'physical' auctions to attend . You will just need to be registered and authorised to bid. A pre-authorised deposit may be required.

All of our auctions are hosting online via our auction portal and are open to registered, authorised buyers only. You should familiarise yourself with our processes and how our auctions work. You should also make yourself fully aware of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum price at which a seller is willing to sell a vehicle. If a bid is made at or above this price, the seller is obliged to sell. The reserve price is not disclosed to buyers but you will be able to see when the reserve price has been met as our auctions will state that the vehicle is now “On sale”.

What are the guide price shown on the catalogues and vehicle details?

Guide prices are published from CAP hpi and are purely there as an indication to the current wholesale market value of each vehicle.

Can I retract or change my auction bid?

Once bids are submitted, you cannot remove or modify them, although you can Increase your maximum bid. If you make a mistake when bidding, please contact us immediately on 01536 40 99 99.

Can I use an automated bidding system?

Yes, in fact we recommend you use our 'robo-bid' feature because bidding activity can get quite hectic as the sale nears completion, especially if you are bidding across a wide selection of lots.This will automatically bid for you in pre-set increments up to your stated maximum bid.

Robo-bidding will never bid above your stated maximum value and your maximum bid price is not disclosed to other bidders or the seller.

How does extended bidding work?

Extended bidding prevents sniper bidding at the end of the auction, giving you additional peace of mind and trust in our auctions.

  • Extended Bidding is activated at the end of a sale
  • If you have made a bid on any lot before the end of a sale, you will be eligible for extended bidding on these lots only.
  • Each and any bid received will extend the bidding time by a further five minutes.
  • Bidding automatically ceases on each lot after 3 minutes of inactivity 

What happens if my bid is below the reserve price?

If your bid is below the reserve price it is classed as a “provisional sale”. We will negotiate between you and the seller to attempt to reach an agreement on the final sale price. Our Buyer Services team will keep you fully updated throughout the provisional process ensuring that the process is open and transparent at all times.

How quickly do I have to pay?

If your bid is successful then an invoice for the final amount due (including any fees and less any pre-authorised deposit) will be generated. This will be sent to you electronically and payment is required in full within 24 hours.

Vehicles should be collected from our site within 48 hours of the sale and you may be charged storage fees if vehicles are not paid for and collected within our standard terms.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made in full by either electronic bank transfer or debit card.  Payment cannot be split over 2 different cards. And unfortunately we do not accept Credit Cards.

To comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations we may require the following documentation before we can release your vehicle:

  • Proof of photographic identity: Passport or Driving Licence
  • Proof of Address: Utility Bill or Bank Statement – issued in the last 6 months

If the vehicle is to be paid by a 3rd party they will also be requested to provide proof of I.D. and proof of address. We can only accept payments drawn on accounts with a UK or EU regulated credit institution or from an equivalent jurisdiction (as may appear from time to time on the list of equivalent countries agreed by the EU Committee on the prevention of Money laundering and Terrorist Financing)

Please note Cazoo Wholesale does not accept cash and does not offer or arrange any form of finance or hire purchase. If you wish to finance your purchase please arrange this privately before bidding.

Cazoo Wholesale does not accept payments over the phone.

Can my purchase be delivered?

Yes. We can deliver your vehicle and we would be delighted to provide you with a quote for transport of both single and bulk deliveries. The cost will depend on the number of vehicles purchased, delivery area and method of transport required. We aim to deliver your vehicles within 48hrs of payment being received.

What are the different VAT status’ on motor vehicles?

As a general rule there is no VAT on used vehicles. Where VAT is shown,, the following key will apply:

  • Q relates to Qualifying Cars
    • The VAT element will be split from the sale price and shown separately.
    • Only VAT registered buyers, purchasing vehicles for a qualifying purpose may reclaim the VAT.
  • M relates to Marginal Cars.
    • VAT is not shown separately and cannot be recovered.
  • +VAT applies to all Commercial vehicles, Plant and Equipment.
    • VAT at current rates is charged on top of the sale price is almost all cases.
    • You should consider that all commercial vehicles, Plant and Equipment sales are subject to VAT unless we declare otherwise.


What do I do if I need more information?

If you need any more information, please call our team on 01536 40 99 99, click here to Contact us or message us through our LinkedIn channel. You can also receive updates and information on upcoming sales by subscribing to our newsletters. Click here to sign up.